About Spectra

About Spectra Automation

Spectra Automation is a leader in consulting and systems integration providing innovative and functional solutions to some of the finest global companies operating in the areas of life science, power and utilities, manufacturing, water and waste water among the many industrial sectors. The parent company is located in the Unites States (Boston, MA) and is considered among the largest specialist system integration and automation companies operating in the North East states. With a presence in Dubai U.A.E., the company is able to serve its international customers with the same level of quality and reliability they have been accustomed to over the last thirty years dealing with Spectra Automation team. Our services are driven by the need for automation and integration of instruments in heavy industries and manufacturing as well as infrastructure projects related to power, utilities and water. We offer our customers with an independent validation of the design elements as well as the commissioning and testing of their projects. With increasing technologies deployed in equipment and manufacturing processes, our customers seek the services and advice from integration and consulting firms to provide them with expertise and solutions. Our team is our strength having the skills and experience to understand and manage the projects and work efficiently with other professional firms involved in the same projects. Coordination and experience in our work results in efficient and cost effective execution of our services and ultimately our customer satisfaction is our objective. Spectra Automation is committed to quality and excellence and we strive to always remain a reputable engineering service company recognized for excellent customer service. Spectra Automation has become a logical choice for many of our Fortune 500 customers and our strong team exposure across different industries and manufacturing processes give us a competitive insight into the latest innovative technologies been adopted by international consultants and equipment manufacturers.

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