System Integration

System Integration

We strongly believe that systems integration is more than just connections between devices. Our strong experience in this domain can make a difference to a client’s business and convert complex designs and detailed architecture into reality.

An efficient integrated system involves series of complex connections, interfaces and security controls so that real-time data acquisition can be used to serve the business requirements.

Spectra Automation is a leading system integrator and its reputation is backed by several decades of experience in process integration and automation. We build solutions that are reliable, scalable and cost effective when integrating multi brand instruments, solutions and technologies.

  • System development – HMI, PLC, DCS, SCADA, PIMS, MES
  • Supply & Installation of MCC, MDB, SMDB, Capacitor Banks, VFD
  • Electromechanical Cabling, Termination and Power Distribution
  • Turnkey solutions with panel design and build up, installation and commissioning
  • ERP / MES / SCADA integration

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