Heavy Industries

Heavy Industries

Spectra Automation with its extensive experience in various industries, has positioned it to service heavy industries including Oil & Gas, manufacturers of heavy machinery and parts used in mining and transportation, turbines, infrastructure pipes and cabling industries, utilities and power, and many more heavy industry categories.

With such large scale projects, our engineers and support teams must coordinate with the various project professionals including our customer, consultants and contractors and timetables must be adhered closely. Our services cover automation of the control systems, process measurements, valves and instrumentation commissioning, testing and validation, smart and optimal plant solutions, diagnostics and centralized information.

Spectra Automation has delivered many successful projects and gained the trust of many of its customers over the years. We see repeat business from our customers, a strong testimony of the quality of our team, services and our ability to work with the various third party contractors often involved in these mega projects.

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