After joining Spectra Automation in 2021 as a Senior Automation Engineer, Anthony was promoted to Spectra's Director of Technology. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and has worked in the automation industry for eight years, gaining experience in engineering design, data management, and instrumentation engineering. Anthony holds an Ignition Gold 8.1 Certification and is proficient in Rockwell, SQL/MySQL, and OSI PI.

Rami Mitri


Rami earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering/Process Control from Concordia University and has since gained over 40 years of experience in the automation and controls industry. Prior to founding Spectra Automation in 2005, Rami worked with some of the largest engineering firms from design engineering to project management. He remains heavily involved as the company's President as well as acting executive consultant on a multitude of projects.

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