Process Design -
Custom Solutions

Process Design -
Custom Solutions

Enhancing Industrial Process with Precision and Expertise: Meet Our I & C Team

Spectra Automation provide specialised construction, maintenance, critical equipment handling, and fabrication services in the following industries throughout New England. 

Biopharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Speciality Chemical

Industrial Mechanical Systems

Microelectronics & Semiconductor

Food & Beverage

Power & Energy

Emerging Technologies

Most P&IDs represent skids by a dotted line. Skid fabricators will typically supply what is in the “Dotted Box” leaving all installation, coordination to the GC / Engineering firm. Spectra Automationprovides complete turnkey solutions for Owners, Suite Owners and CM’s.

Spectra Automation Difference

Complete ownership from conceptual design to installation. This includes:

  • Development of Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&IDs)
  • 3D Design & Modeling
  • Equipment, Instrument, & Component Procurement
  • Fabrication (Skid & Panel)
  • Fully Validated Control System
  • Data Management with Client Automation System
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Rigging & Installation
  • Coordination & Skid Tie-In to Customer’s Facility

Typical P&ID Skid Representation

Project Timeline

Project timelines are a vital aspect of effective project management, ensuring that tasks and activities are well-organized and completed within specified timeframes. Spectra Engineers are dedicated to project timelines, serving as a valuable resource for professionals, teams, and individuals seeking to enhance their project planning and execution.

I&C Engineering Services

Choose Spectra Automation for I&C Engineering Services excellence that’s beyond industry norms. Your precision, our passion!

Conceptual Design

Spectra Automation partners with leading area experts in providing turnkey designs for all your process and utility needs.

Full Site Evaluation Engineering Documents

  • P&ID Generation
  • Equipment Design & Selection
  • Equipment Data Sheets
  • Instrument Data Sheets
  • Automation Requirements
  • Validation Requirements
  • 3D Modeling

    Every job starts with a full site evaluation. Spectra Automation has invested in the latest technologies to provide a clear picture of where you are going before starting the project journey. One such technologies is our investment in Trimble modeling software.

    Trimble Provides

  • Site geospatial scan with the ability to drop in the 3D model developed in Solidworks. This provides the client with a better visualization of the entire skid as it relates to the actual site.
  • Along with 99% accurate representation, the model will facilitate the field tie-in requirements easing installation and minimizing unexpected delays.
  • Fabrication

    Spectra Automation skilled resources and state of the art facility is ready to support all your fabrication needs. Our one-stop shop can fabricate any skid to meet your process requirements.

    Some of the range of services we provide:

  • Welding
  • Passivation
  • Insulation
  • Testing
  • Startup support and commissioning
  • Automation

    As part of our custom solutions, Spectra Automation provides full system integration.


  • Full Programming Capabilities
  • Software Testing
  • Data Management to Facility System
  • Loop Checkout & Calibration
  • Panel Fabrication to UL Certification
  • Start-up Support
  • Site Installation Management
  • Documentation:

  • Full GAMP5 Validation Package
      • (FDS / SFAT / HFAT / 1Q / OQ)
  • Panel Design (AutoCAD)
  • Commissioning Report
  • ЕТОР
  • Supported Platforms:

  • FactoryTalk ME
  • FactoryTalk SE
  • Studio 5000
  • RSLogix500
  • RSLogix5
  • Ignition SCADA
  • SQL Express & Standard
  • OSI PI Support
  • Installation

    Spectra Automation provides full turn-key installation. From rigging to site installation. Spectra Automation will coordinate all field activities, tie-in, coordination with client automation and support start-up. In fact, Spectra Automation will act as a GC until the skid is turned over to the client.

    Some of the activities include:

  • Schedule Review
  • Automaton Participation
  • Skid Tie-in Coordination to Facility & Utilities
  • Start-up & Commissioning Support
  • ETOP Management
  • Engineered Skid Systems

    Welcome to our Engineered Skid Systems service, where efficiency meets precision. Our meticulously crafted skid systems offer a turnkey solution for streamlined industrial processes, ensuring seamless integration of essential components tailored to your specific needs. With a focus on quality engineering and modular design, our skid systems guarantee accelerated deployment, simplified maintenance, and enhanced operational performance. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimize your workflow and elevate your business to new heights of productivity.

    Supported systems Spectra offers:

    Utility System:

  • Transfer Panels
  • WFI Storage & Distribution
  • Heat Transfer (HX)
  • Flow Meter Stations
  • Food & Beverage Systems:

  • Blending
  • Formulation
  • Bio-Pharam Systems:

  • CIP
  • Formulation
  • TCU
  • Filtration Skids
  • Super-Skids
  • Chemical Handling Systems:

  • Chemical Treatment Skids
  • Lift Stations