Electrical Design and

Electrical Design and

Unlock the Power of Spectra Automation's Engineering Expertise!

At Spectra Automation, we’re your go-to partner for top-notch engineering design services spanning a multitude of industries. Whether it’s industrial, commercial, residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, or non-profit projects, our seasoned team of experts has honed their craft over two decades.


Industry Experience

Electrical installation

Electrical installation

Dive into the world of Spectra Automation’s electrical design excellence. As pioneers in the field, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge electrical systems that set new standards. With unwavering commitment, our team ensures your projects are imbued with innovation, security, and sustainability

Electrical design

Electrical design

Spectra Automation Engineers offers a holistic suite of electrical design services tailored to diverse industries. Explore our wide-ranging solutions below and witness firsthand how we can tailor them to meet your unique project needs.

Experience the transformational difference with Spectra Automation – where every project is a masterpiece of precision and innovation!”

Unlock the power of Spectra Automation’s Engineering Expertise

Low-voltage distribution systems

We have expertise in curating low voltage distribution systems that ensures safe delivery of electric energy to businesses & homes. It makes sure that all electrical devices receive sufficient electricity without interruption, overloading and causing other electrical glitches. The electric distribution network is the final phase of distribution.

Our professionals plan effective data analysis and automation technologies significantly advancing networks. It can improve the direction of electrical distribution systems.

Process, EMS & data collection control system

We have an energy management system administering transmission operators with higher insight into transmission and subtransmission levels. Having immense experience in data collection, we craft completely integrated control systems for managing data collections, advanced distribution for optimal power flow, load flow, state estimation, performance indices, voltage stability and many more. Our EMS process follows better visualization, optimization, operation and seamless distributions.

Lightning Protection System

NFPA Standards for Lightning Protection

One of the main objectives of our lighting protection system is to protect and maintain strucutres from different kinds of mechanical destruction.

A lighting protection comprise an internal and external lighting protection system that jointly works together to protect the architecture from any further damage. Our systems are designed and constructed in accordance with safety protocols.

Key Topics Addresed by NFPA 7802020

The standard addresses several critical topics vital to lightning protection.

Conductors: Clear guidlines are provided for main conductors, emphasizing the aviodance of dead ends, ensuring unidirectional paths, and permitting upwards conductor paths in specific scenarios.

Protection for Special Structures:  Acknowledging the danger of Lightning Electro Magnetic Pulse (LEMP) as and ignition source in classified locations, the standard offers guidance on safeguarding structures containing flammable vapors, gases, or liquids.

Airfield Lighting Circuits: Revised recommendations focus on lightning protection for airfields, advocating the use of surge protective devices, bonding conductors, and grounding electrodes.

Nonmetallic Tank Protection: A new annex discusses safeguarding nonmetallic tanks from lightning, outlining strategies like shunts, bypass conductors, and equipotentail bonding.

Additional Lightning Protection Standard: LP1175 / 2023 Edition

The lightning Protection Institute (LPI) publishes the LP1175 / 2023 Edition, a standard aligning with NFPA 7802020 while offering supplementary information. This includes an overview of systems, general industry insights, and details about product testing.

Purpose of Lightning Protection Standars

These standards are purposefully crafted to shield individuals and assets from the perils of lightning. Lightning strikes pose significant risks such as fires, injuries, and damages. Compliance with these standards ensures the effectiveness, reliability, and regulatory adherence of your lightning protection system. 

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Capturing Excellence: Instrumentation & Control in Focus

Empowering Electrical Projects: Expert Guidance from Start to Finish

In addition, our skilled team can assist with project electrical scope definition, budgetary support, load calculations, VFD setup, electrical contractor supervision, and more.

Focus towards deliver Spectra Automation is a safety-focused comoany. We conduct weekly on-site safety audits, as well as daily project review meetings to review site requirements and safety protocols. Our field team holds the following safety certifications.



Arc Flash 70E

EMR 0.95

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