The MYstro Software links separate unit operations to a centralized platform, enabling comprehensive oversight and regulation-compliant monitoring of Biomanufacturing systems and processes.

MYstro Key Features

MYstro is a data aggregator from different manufacture Bioreactor and also collects data various Cell Analyzer. MYstro is also capable of collecting data from Freezers, Incubators, Refrigerator, etc. MYstro is excellent data visualizer via Trend, Data Reporting, Alarm Configuration and monitoring. MYstro is best for Pharmaceutical Industries and Biotechnology.

System Configuration
User Configuration
My Plant
Alarm Dashboard
Batch Maintainance
Auto Report

MYstro leads the way in real-time graph streaming, offering dynamic insights through multi-axes, parameter, and scatter plots. Save and scale plots effortlessly while customizing line displays and data point sizes.Elevate your analytics with our user-friendly interface, embracing the future of instant, actionable intelligence

System Configuration is a utility developed within MYSTRO application to maintain MYSTRO configuration Database. This utility provides an interface to access the MYSTRO configuration Database and allows the MYSTRO Administrator to define the data sources, tag names and Historian settings.

This section is used to configure User Groups, users, application roles, role creation, and setting up system variables associated with users, roles and records

MyPlant offers a suite of professional-grade features for robust data visualization. Enhance your insights with Area additions, Faceplates, Text boxes, and Labels, Connecting Line, ensuring comprehensive data representation. Elevate your analysis using dynamic Timeseries Charts, precise Value Widgets, Gauges, and Object inclusions. Experience seamless data visualization at its finest with MyPlant’s powerful toolkit.

Experience a comprehensive Alarm Dashboard offering real-time monitoring with Active Alarms and detailed Alarm History. Effortlessly filter alarms by Equipment, Acknowledge critical alerts, and track Acknowledge Time for efficient handling. Seamlessly export data while leveraging Alarm Analytics for insightful, proactive management.

Mystro’s LabBook offers an Excel-like experience that empowers users to create formulas, retrieve historian data, and generate various charts for streamlined data analysis. Additionally, the SP Load module enables users to easily set the Setpoint value for any number of Bioreactors from different manufacturers in just a few click.

Optimize operations with Batch Maintenance, offering precise control through features like Data Collection initiation and cessation. Efficiently organize batches by Renaming, Disabling IDs, and Enabling automatic operations. Manage samples seamlessly-Adding, Assigning, and Modifying data-enhancing categorization via Batch Alias and Sample Management for streamlined processes.

This tab will allow the user to send reports. User can configure any Live/Golden Batches / Assets Live and Historical data using auto Report Configuration.

MYstro Features

  • Batch History

    The Batch History utility accesses and allows analysis and display of vessel and associated analyzer data in any way the user wants

  • Add Sample Data

    Users can manually add analyzer data to the Add Sample Data tab of Batch Maintenance

  • Sample Management

    User is allowed the ability to change the date and time of the sample IDs run on a different date during the original run or after the original run of the batch ended.

  • Automatic Batch operation

    User can schedule the batch using automatic Batch operations. User can Schedule the timing for Start and stop the batch using Automatic Batch Operation

  • Configure Alarm and Notification

    This section is used to configure all alarm settings on all data sources that are connected to Mystro. It consists of sections: Configure Parameters Limits, Manage Notification Contacts, Manage E-Mail/Escalation Groups.

  • Labels

    This tab will allow the user to select batches from multiple date ranges and add and edit labels and comments to them. The administrator will have the ability to add, edit and delete the labels and comments to the batches.

  • Batch Maintenance

    Start Data Collection (Start a Batch ), Stop Data Collection (End a Batch), Rename Batch ID, Disable Batch ID

  • Modify Sample Data

    Use this feature to Modify sample data coming from equipment. User will find the BatchID through the date selection or Labels

  • Batch Alias

    Mystro allows the user to Map the sample IDs to a desired batch. If the Sample IDs entered at time of sample is slightly different in terms of naming convention the user can setup names that will be associated with that BatchID.

  • Assign Sample Data

    Use this feature to manually assign sample data coming from equipment or data sources that do not have the ability to output a unique sample ID per result.

  • Records

    allows users to track and retrieve the records that have been exported using MYSTRO. This utility scans the network location, fetches the records which are defined format and lists it in table format.

  • Auto Report

    This tab will allow the user to send reports. User can configure any Live/Golden Batches / Assets Live and Historical data using auto Report Configuration.

MYstro Customers

Embark on Efficiency: Introducing MYstro Software for Revolutionary Biomanufacturing Management

The submission form is your first step towards unlocking the potential of MYstro, allowing you to harness the power of a comprehensive Process Dashboard that visualizes key metrics and real-time data. By submitting this form, you embark on a journey toward streamlined biomanufacturing processes, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and informed decision-making. Thank you for choosing Mystro – the future of biomanufacturing management at your fingertips.

    MYstro's Data Collectors

    Your organization likely manages various devices, PLCs, and systems, each generating valuable data. Canary’s Data Collectors enable the capture and storage of this diverse process data, consolidating information from different sources for comprehensive analysis and storage.

    • OPC DA
    • OPC UA
    • MQTT Sparkplug B
    • Ignition SCADA
    • CygNet SCADA
    • Tatsoft SCADA
    • SQL Databases
    • CSV files
    • Manual data entry
    • Web and NET APIs

    Below are some of the successfully integrated Equipment

    Up until this point, we have seamlessly incorporated a variety of equipment into our systems, showcasing our ongoing commitment to technological integration and operational efficiency.
    Sl. No.Equipment ManufacturerEquip ModelData Protocol
    1Beckman CoulterVi-Cell BluCSV File
    2ChemometecNucleocounter NC200CSV File
    3GE HealthcareAkta Avant 150OPC DA
    4GE HealthcareAkta Avant 25OPC DA
    5GE HealthcareAkta Pilot 600SOPC DA
    6GE HealthcareAkta Pilot 600SOPC DA
    7Roche DiagnosticsCedex BioOPC UA
    8ALP Co., Ltd. 3, King Scientific 5AutoclaveOPC DA
    9Genist Technocracy 1, Machinfabrik Industries Private Limited 2Chromatography SkidOPC DA
    10Not explicitly provided in the search resultsClarification SkidOPC DA
    11Machinfabrik Industries Private Limited 2Clean Steam GeneratorOPC DA
    12Specific manufacturers for capacities not providedSUB SystemOPC DA
    13Applikon BiotechnologyRocker BioreactorOPC DA
    14Thermo Fisher ScientificSingle Use Mixer (SUM) VesselOPC DA
    15Pall CorporationTFF SystemOPC DA
    16SterisVHP Generation SkidOPC DA
    17Cytiva 6AKTA PureOPC DA
    18SiemensMembrane based WFI Generation SkidOPC UA
    19SiemensWFI Storage & Distribution SkidOPC UA
    20EppendorfFridge/FreezerRS232 (Serial Port)
    21EppendorfIncubatorRS232 (Serial Port)
    22EppendorfShaker IncubatorRS232 (Serial Port)
    23ChemoMetec NC200Text File
    24Orphee SwitzerlandCell Counter Hematology AnalyzerCSV File
    25SciLogPureTecXLSX File
    26Siemens Rapid500Text File
    27Beckman CoulterViCell-XRText File
    28SciLogFilterTecXLSX File
    29LumacyteLumacyteCSV File
    30908 DevicesRebel_908CSV File
    31OhausDefender 5000 IndicatorsRS232 (Serial Port)